Nautical Series

Three distinct Nautical finshes, suitable for players of all tastes! Clean and pristine or heavily toured? The choice is yours…

Whether it’s the un-aged Noble Series, the moderately aged Knackered Series, or our heavily aged Shipwrecked, there’s a style for everyone.


Our Noble Series guitars are for those who appreciate that “fresh off the showroom floor” look to their guitars. No wear or aging done to these.


The Knackered Series, our light to moderatley aged line, are no “case queens” – these guitars have done some regional touring, they’ve slept on a few floors and have a story or three to tell.


The Shipwrecked Series… these guitars have toured the world! They’ve seen a million faces, and rocked them all! Our heavy to extreme aged line are meant to portray a lifetime of commitment to the art of playing live.