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At Valkenburg, our mission when working with Artists, is to bring a shared vision of their perfect instrument to reality.

As with all Valkenburg models, the Artist Series guitars feature staggered Gotoh vintage tuners, negating the need for a string tree. and also include a spoke wheel truss rod adjuster for ease of setup. Where these models differ will range from Floyd Rose tremolos, non-pickguard loaded bodies, various tonewoods for both necks and bodies as well as a wide array of finish and aging offerings.

All Artist Series guitars ship with a hardshell case.

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Pat Travers “Kokoro”

Designed for a living legend in the world of Rock & Roll, the “Kokoro” is our Pat Travers signature Knackered DH model.

Jeff Duncan “Scarlett”

Designed in partnership with Jeff Duncan, lead guitarist of Heavy Metal veterans Armored Saint, the “Scarlet” is sure to satisfy those drawn to the Hot Rodded shred machines of the past.

Mitch Perry “MPFB”

Fast, sleek, classic. These words describe the MPFB signature model. Inspired by Mitch’s Formula racing days, this guitar is built to speed!

Rowen Robertson “R2R”

Info Coming Soon

Jeremy Varao “EVL-1”

Designed to be an unapologetic Rock & Metal Machine, the EVL-1 is Jeremy “The Khed” Varao’s idea of the perfect take on an American Classic, perfected by Valkenburg USA.

David Pastorius “Protobass”

Where modern meets boundless creativity, David’s electrifying style powers this bass! Crafted with exceptional precision, it fearlessly anchors any composition, igniting stages with flair!

Patrick Vitagliano “Bonnie & Clyde”

A guitar with an aesthetic as unique as its player, the Patrick Vitagliano signature “Bonnie & Clyde” is a no “holes” barred shred machine!

Jesse Charland “Odin”

A collaboration between Valkenburg USA and Hoobastank bassist Jesse Charland breathes new life into a classic design. From the Kahler floating bridge to the custom “Brick” humbucker, the Odin Bass offers the versatility needed for both in the studio and on the road.

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