Please see below for our warranty and registration information.

Unless purchased directly from Valkenburg, please initiate all warranty claims through your purchasing dealer.


All Valkenburgh, USA instruments come with a limited lifetime warranty, applicable to the original purchaser of said instrument. The warranty pertains to the construction of the Guitar itself, and does not carry over to the electronics or hardware manufactured outside Valkenburg USA. Said items would be covered by the manufacturer under their warranty program. Upon receipt of your new instrument, please scan the QR code enclosed in your paperwork to take you to our New Owner Registration form.

Should you fail to register your instrument, you are assuming all responsibility for any and all repairs and/or service. Additionally, this warranty does not extend to any part of our products which have been damaged by misuse, accident, incorrect wiring, improper installation. use in violation of the instructions. tampering. alteration or repair outside our factory.

Should you purchase a second hand or used instrument, we offer repair and support services at our daily shop rate. Please reach out for more information.

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