The Knackered Series from Valkenburg, USA is our light to moderately aged model. No longer a “case queen” it’s been dropped once or thrice. It’s done some road gigs and has more than a few stories to tell!

In all seriousness though, this offering is our broadest range of aged finish from a few dings and scuffs, to some bare wood exposed and all points in between.

Avilable in both “SH” (Single Horn) and “DH” (Double Horn) configuration.

The Knackered “DH”

Our take on the double horned American classic, authentically aged with light to moderate finish.

As with all Valkenburg guitars, the bodies are mainly Ash or Alder (chosen for tone and weight), a Nitrocellulose Lacquer finish, a variety of neck types such as quarter sawn maple, roasted maple and exotic woods for limited runs, with Maple or Rosewood fingerboards.

Rounding out the guitars are the Gotoh 510 bridge and Gotoh staggered tuners (eliminating the need for string trees) and  custom wound Valkenburg USA pickups.